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Toji  Five-story pagoda_東寺 五重塔
Toji (temple) was erected about 1200 years ago.
Kobo Daishi (Kukai), the first temple of esoteric Buddhism in Japan.
Is a World Heritage Site in 1994.

I love Toji (temple) ♪


el perro de las lágrimas said...

Oh, really all the images of Japan that I saw in your blog, are very impressive. wonderful. Great country!

Miki said...

Dear Mr.Roberto☆
Thank you ever so much for your interest and loving Japan!
I feel very happy ♪
sincerely hope you'll take good care of yourself!Thank you ♪

will-Art said...

Beautiful composition.

Miki said...

Dear will-Art san,
Thank you for your visit and comments!
Wish you a wonderful day♪
Greetings from Japan