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岩間寺にある芭蕉の池_Matsuo Basho's old pond in Iwama-dera(temple)

芭蕉翁直筆の句碑 「古池や かわず 飛び込む 水の音」

松尾芭蕉が「古池や かわず 飛び込む 水の音」の句を詠んだと伝わる池

「Furuike-ya kawazu tobikomu mizu-no-oto」

Old pond -- frogs jumped in -- sound of water.

The old pond, aye! and the sound of a frogleaping into the water.

An old pond A frog jumps in A splash of water.

斎藤秀三郎 訳(1866-1929)
Old garden lake!The frog thy depths doth seek,And sleeping echoes wake.

正岡子規 訳(1867-1902)
The old mere!A frog jumping in,The sound of water.

鈴木大拙 訳(1870-1966)
The old pond, ah! A frog jumps in: The water's sound.

The old silence pond, Jump of a frog broke the quiet.


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